Wie investiere ich in technisches SEO?

Did you think that you had the intention of bringing your product / service to the fore in such an environment where search results are listed randomly, there are no algorithms and artificial intelligence, there are rising advertising costs due to low quality score, mixed mixed websites to reach the information you are looking for, and above all? What would you do in a situation like this? I’ll tell you, nothing 🙂 But luckily we’re not faced with this kind of apocalyptic scenario.

In this article, we will talk about Technical SEO, which forms the basis of digital marketing efforts, directly and indirectly affecting the overall site. Let’s not go ahead without touching the ranking logic of search engines. Because you need to know the right search engine logic for technical optimization work.

How Calls Work

When you perform a search on the search engines, you can see websites that are extracted from hundreds of billions of data in milliseconds. The fastest and most relevant results of this system are brought together by the artificial intelligence and search engine algorithms.

With artificial intelligence; scanning of the nearest and similar results for the searched group with technologies such as featured snippets, lsi,

With algorithms; websites need to continually refresh themselves to be in top positions, allowing users to list the most useful results.

Artificial intelligence has played a major role in the development of search engine algorithms as one of the popular topics of the last few years and it continues to play.

It is very important that a search in search engines returns a good result. Otherwise, the user will be dissatisfied. That’s why search engines first analyze what your search words mean. Identifies target phrases and lists the results among the language models it creates more easily.

For example, let’s look for searches that contain different types of the word “replacement“.

Search engines have the technical equipment to analyze the meaning of a single word according to the search sentence. Let’s quickly tie this up as follows; search engines become aware of sites, scans sites, indexes and indexes in the search results lists. But of course everything is not that simple.

What is this Technical SEO?

Leaving aside the definition of SEO (year 2019), we can say that Technical SEO is the structure that forms the basis of this business. Algorithm and scanning of the search results in the search results are made within the framework of certain criteria mentioned above, the whole of the work can be called Technical SEO.

SEO studies are an organic and permanent type of study that is suitable for search engine algorithms, user experience measurements and design and software changes are made according to needs and various KPIs and concrete data are collected at the end of the day. In the kitchen of the work, purely technical data is spoken.

Listing of sites in search engines is possible with both advertising and SEO works. It makes advertising work visible only within a certain budget. SEO is a work that requires more effort, knowledge and experience in terms of the person doing the work and patience and vision in terms of customer because it brings more laborious works.

Technical SEO, on the other hand, is the process of software and design implementation of the strategic moves that will be determined in line with the knowledge gained by the SEO expert. Therefore SEO expert features questioning, research, curiosity and communication among the students should be strong.

There’s a technique in every job. For example, if you don’t know how to hit the ball in football, you can’t make hard and accurate shots and therefore you can’t hunt the goalkeepers. You cannot rise in organic rankings and reach the target audience without knowing the search engine’s working logic.

Search engines often refine their algorithms to further enhance search results. This frequency is around 450 per year. While some updates are minor, some are major updates that will displace the location. Most importantly, while search engines explain some algorithm updates, others do not. This is where expertise and know-how come into play. With the know-how obtained by the working expert, the logic of the algorithm is largely analyzed and technical SEO studies are shaped accordingly.

How to Invest in Technical SEO?

Just because we said SEO is a business that requires knowledge, experience and effort. A product is created by blending these experiences with technical SEO works. For this product to be revealed, some technical interventions are required.

For example; It should be able to intervene instantly with the knowledge and experience of the expert who works in unusual situations such as sudden sequencing and traffic losses by understanding the requirements of current algorithms.

As the logic of algorithms develops day by day, technical search criteria vary. While there were an average of 80 technical optimization criteria in 2014, these numbers are currently being measured at around 200 with three-digit numbers.

Nowadays to be listed in good locations;

  • The crawl budget of search engines to allocate the maximum crawling budget to the site,
  • Guiding search engine bots during the crawl phase (robots.txt, sitemap.xml)
  • There are pages on the site that do not have access problems, (4xx, 5xx)
  • Redirecting to the most relevant pages of pages with access problems so that the information flow does not break, (3xx)
  • Serving the site to the user’s screen as soon as possible, (pagespeed)
  • Maintaining a mobile compatible website (Mobile First Indexing) should be taken into consideration.

There are about 200 signals that affect rankings, except for a few different important criteria (listed below) that I have listed above. In line with past algorithms, off-site link building studies were 70% -30% compared to in-site link building studies, but after 2015, this ratio changed to the opposite value. That’s why until a few years ago, only backlink work with ranking positions can be achieved, today, without doing too much off-site work only in-site technical SEO work position is possible. You can invest in Technical SEO with permanent working methods by performing works with project manager or agencies in the features mentioned in the article.

In this case, we can divide the technical SEO investment into 2 parts.

  • Existing sites in the industry
  • Newly entered sites

Technical SEO Investment for Sites Existing in the Sector

If you have a site in the industry, you should generally make technical improvements, assuming it is not technically zero. Some important criteria will be discussed below.

Crawl Budget Optimization

Search engine bots devote a certain amount of time to crawl your site. This time is called crawl budget. Crawl budget is controlled through the data in the Search Console. The total number of pages indexed / The result of the average number of pages scanned per day. If the result is 10 or more, it should be reduced considerably. Crawl Budget is recommended to be 3 or below average.

Crawl budget is generally determined by 4 criteria. These criteria are;

  • Total pages added to Google indexes: Google bots check the sitemap and the currentity of indexed pages when they arrive at your site. As a result of this check, if there are new links on the pages, it scans them and classifies them and reflects them on the search results. Of course, it is important to remember that not every scanned page will rank at the top of the ranking, there are around 200 ranking criteria.
  • Site size: Images, html files, css and javascript files are downloaded and searched every time a Google bot visits. When these files are large in size, Google bot will not bother with downloading files and will take less time to crawl the site. Therefore, it is necessary to review the file sizes on the site for more time and more page browsing.
  • Site speed: Because Google bots download and scan individual pages on the site, they can navigate through the pages it crawls faster at the speed of the site. Therefore, it will affect the site’s browsing speed to a great extent as it will navigate more slowly on slower sites.
  • Number of Backlinks: Bots crawl your site by following the links within the page will scan the relevant page. As it scans all links within or outside the site, the link counts should be reviewed. The number of in-page link outlets is one of the important factors affecting Crawl budget.

For detailed Crawl Budget optimization Other Criteria also have in your application.

Seamless User Accessibility

User experience is a concept that we have encountered frequently in recent years. In the past, while optimizing sites for search engines only, nowadays it is necessary to optimize for more user experience. Accessibility may mean that the service or any product within the site can be used by everyone (children, elderly, etc.), not just the target audience. At the end of the day visitors to your site to meet their needs to meet all the users need to give. In this case, the content of the site should be as clear as possible, simple and appropriate to UX dynamics.

New Sites in the Sector

The first step for new sites should always be basic SEO work. In order to make further development according to the above and need, firstly, the foundation of the site must be built and the site should be built on it. In this article, we often encounter the phrase 200 in the direction of the signal for the newly opened sites in line with the main criteria are a sine qua non. If we refer to some of these criteria;

  • Performing SSL Control
  • Controlling Canonical Use
  • Sitemap Control And Reporting From Sc
  • Robots.txt Making Disabled Page Control
  • Making Copy Content Control
  • Category Tree Editing
  • Create Sef Url Structure
  • Site Speed ​​Improvement
  • Creating In-Page Breadcrumb Structure
  • Site Link Construction
  • Site Mobile Compatibility Check
  • Enhanced User Experience Structuring

Many technical criteria such as search engine bots by analyzing the site, as well as a useful structure should be provided by users. It is also very important to focus on long tail words in order to get qualified traffic in a short time for the newly entered sites in the sector.

Today’s calls 92% of long tail calls It comes. This is the 92% slice The majority of if searches that have never been done before. Due to the increasing number of voice calls, we can say that users tend to search for long-tailed words. For this reason, first of all, with the above and other important criteria applied together with long tailler, a fiction can be made for the items in the sites existing in the sector.




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